GLAMOURS (~85,000 words) is the first book in a (complete) duology about children who are trapped in a school of magic called the Scholomance. They have the ability to cast illusions on each other—influencing perception and memories with their minds, and allowing them to present as any identity they'd like. The fate of the Scholomance is what you might expect when teenagers have nearly omnipotent powers: rivalry, abuse, and destruction.

GLAMOURS is an unusual "wizarding" novel for its dark themes, and the magical ideas that come almost at an onslaught for the reader. The format has some experimental elements, such as an Oscar-Wilde-esque play within the story, a chapter written from the point of view of a book nerd that includes literary footnotes, and a character who compartmentalizes her fear by speaking in parenthetical thoughts. The novel also celebrates alternative gender identity and fluidity in an integral way: each character can present themselves precisely as they wish at any time.