Coffin Boggy's: The Game

So the trading card game wasn't enough and you're back for more! Coffin Boggy's: The Game is the inspiration for an upcoming comic book written by Eric Cochrane (above in the red shirt, losing badly) and drawn by Lydia Cochrane (Above in the blue shirt, unveilling a disastrous monster). It looks like Gene's head is shaven in that picture. He... does things like that.

How to Play:

Preparation: Download page 1 page 2 page 3 and page 4. Print them all out twice. Print out a back for each printed page (totalling 8 backs). Cut out the cards and backs and glue them together. Next, create a board with 64 squares, like a chessboard. I also made a four 4X4 boards and put them on four tiers with stairs to mark where the monsters could go up and down, but that proved pretty miserable. If you are going to make sculpy figurines for each monster, like we did, the squares should by around 1and 3/4 '' wide. If not, make the squares big enough to fit the cards, which are about 2.5'' X3.5''. Mark off some parts of the board as mountainous terrain adn add a couple desert squares. Be sparing and be creative and make sure one side is not too bombarded with terrain. Crazy people should then go to the store and buy some sculpy and 20 plastic easter eggs, half one color and half another. Create 2 sculpy figurines for each monster and one figurine for each player character. I will assume you are a crazy person throughout this guide, although playing with just the cards works fine. Finally, get some coins or go stones to use as counters. This is a lot of setup, so don't be afraid to cut corners. Leave the backs off of the cards or replace some monsters with toys that look like them or give up and keep surfing the internet.

Get a delicious snack: Never play card games without a delicious snack. Recommended snacks include: peanut m&ms, grapies and Chocolate Chex.

Time to Start: Your goal is to get both players with a team of 5 monsters and their player character in eggs on the board. To do this, you could just pick your favorites. We usually draw seven monsters at random and discard our least favorite two, and redraw them. This ensures the team is somewhat random but doesn't suck. Once your team is chosen, place them in their eggs anywhere on your half of the field and lay out the cards face-down. If you are competitive, take turns placing one egg per person until the board is set up.

Round1: Each monster gets to have one turn in each round. Going back and forth, you take turns moving each of your monsters and your player character. Once every piece has had its turn you start over from the top. During a turn, a monster can choose to uncap itself, move, or attack, but only in that order. You can't move around, uncap and attack, and you certainly can't attack or use a special ability as an egg.. As an egg, a monster moves two squares in any direction. A monster can use a special ability any time during its turn, or during another turn if that is specified. Eggs move two squares in any direction. Once uncapped, the player continues to move two squares in any direction. Monsters are represented by a black square on their card and can move to any of the blue squares marked on the card. Unless specified, they do not have to move in a line and can take any route to a blue square they choose. Once they have finished moving, they can launch an attack on any square marked red on their card. That monster puts damage counters on its card; when the damage counters are equal to or greater than its guts, it is destroyed. If it does not have a Kamekazi Attack, then it is removed from play.

Kamekazi Attacks: If a monster is killed before it has moved in a round, it gets a Kamekazi Attack. This ensures that, in a round, every monster gets a turn to move regardless of order. The Kamekazi monster gets to move, attack, and activate any effects as normal. After it is done, the Kamekazi monster is killed. Kamekazi attacks do not count as normal turns. If you have a monster killed by your opponent, you get a Kamekazi attack and then your normal turn. If you kill someone on the Kamekazi attack, you and your opponent keep Kamekaziing until it is your turn again.

Round2: After every monster and player has had a turn, the round ends. The person who went second on round 1 goes first this time, and every monster moves again. This continues until your opponent's player character has 10 damage on him and is destroyed. If all monsters are destroyed, or the only monsters left cannot kill an opponent, both players may add up to six more monsters to the game. They must add a damage counter for each monster.

And that's how you play Coffin Boggy's. Look out for the Coffin Boggy's comic, coming soon!