Heepo's Photo Log

Text: Eric Cochrane

Photos: Lucie and Susan "Susah" Fama

Nearly as cute as Hippo, and twice as photogenic, is her cousin Heepo, who went 'round the world. You can tell Heepo from Hippo because Heepo looks a little too...taut, due to her *wink wink* work. I don't want to say anything to offend her, but let's just say that she's more machine than hippo. These pictures were all expertly photographed by one Lucie Fama.


Bully was misinformed. He didn't know that one of the airplane seats they bought was for Heepo's feet. As you see, Heepo travels lighter than Hippo. She brought her ever important coconut bra, flower crown, hoola skirt, and donkey. These were all necessities for their destination...

Paris France. Disgusted with French hygene and an inexcusable dearth of French Fries (the currency of France), Heepo went to Kyoto Japan:

Heepo then went to Machu Picchu, where she played Gameboy and sunbathed with her eyes closed.

Heepo saw many ducks in Machu Picchu. Furry... load-bearing ducks.

One of the ducks gave Heepo a present.

Pinku and the Donkey gave birth to a rabbit. Grandpa disapproved. You won't see any more shots of the Donkey. Heepo couldn't have cared less about the baby, as long as she got to be in the picture.

Heepo ended her trip with a visit to her fabled homeland: New Lawanii. Color film has not been invented on New Lawanii, so they're still in a sort of sepia tone.

Well, that's the photolog of Heepo's trips around the world. Now she's back to the ol' grindstone: