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Words by Eric Cochrane, Photos by YOU!

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If you have an image of a hippo in front of a famous place, go ahead and send it in with the name of your hippo and what he or she is in front of. No dogs, cats, rhinos, or other ugly animals.

Hippo A. Potamus

Hippo A. Potamus is our new friend. She has a blog you should check out if you like seeing hippos in front of things. You might think Hippo A. Potamus is safe on that bridge, but she carries a lot of weight on her hips. A LOT. But thanks to some creative cropping you won't see her thunder thighs.

It seems Miss A still has some trouble understanding paintings. It turns out that the people on the wall don't move if you turn your back on them (or at least not in significant ways).


What the -- wipe that smirk off of your face! If you did anything to the president I swear...

And that is the funniest thing I've seen all day

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