Boggy Cards

Largely plagiarized from Yugioh, Magic: the Gathering and Monster Rancher Battle Card, Coffin Boggy was designed to be a card game requiring little luck, no math (not even counting), and rapid gameplay.

How to play:

Perparation: Download page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7. Open the files and print them two copies of each page to play against someone. You can also print a page of backs for each page of cards (that's 14).

Deck Building: Each player picks 30 or 40 cards, depending on how long you want the game to run. Shuffle your decks.

This is a description of one round. The deck is set to a player's right with the Discard Pool directly above it. Each player has a central Cost Pool as well as a North Quadrant above it, an East Quadrant to its right, a South Quadrant below it, and a West Quadrant to its left.

Draw phase: draw six cards.

North/West Phase: Players may place cards face down in the North and West Quadrants. If, from previous turns, there is a card in the North or West Quadrants, you may still play a card face-down on top of the face-up card. The card on bottom will be used to pay for the card on top during the Flip/Cost Phase. Monsters (brown cards with attack) are played in the North Quadrant and Spells (blue cards) are played in the West Quadrant, unless otherwise indicated.

Flip/Guts Phase: Players flip to reveal the cards in their North and West Quadrants. If there is an effect that read, "Flip:" it is activated. In the center of the North, South, East, and West Quadrants is a Cost Pool. Players pay the cost of the cards they flipped by placing cards from their hand in pool. If a player cannot pay the price of the card they lay face down, that card is tossed into the Discard Pool. A player may move cards from a previous round from the North/West Quadrants to their Cost Pool. Cards that have effects that read "After paying cost:" activate, but otherwise, monsters do not attack each other and effects do not activate.

South/East Phase: Players may place cards face-down in the South and East Quadrants, even if on top of pre-existing cards.

South/East Gut Phase: Players flip their cards, put the price of the cards in the Cost Pool from their hand or from beneath the cards, and activate "After paying cost:" effects.

Battle Stage 1: First, the effects of all magic cards that do not specify a time activate simultaneously. Next, all monster effects that do not specify a time activate simultaneously. Whenever possible, every card effect is allowed to act on the game. For example, if one magic card destroys every monster on the field and another protects one monster, every monster is destroyed but the proteced one. If a third magic card returns a monster destroyed this turn to the field, it does so after the monster is destroyed. Cards that stop other cards' effect take priority.

Battl Stage 2: Next, the monsters in the North Quadrant engage in battle. If a card effect reads "Before Battle:" in the North Quadrant, it activates now. Then, both monsters attack the respective North Quadrants. If there is a monster in your opponent's North Quadrant, the monster with the lower attack is destroyed. All destroyed monsters are tossed into the Discard Pool. If an empty quadrant is attacked, the player discards cards equal to the attack of the monster.

Tossing cards: When a card effect or a direct attack on a quadrant causes you to toss cards from your hand, draw the number you are tossing from your deck and pick the least useful before sending them to the discard pile. If you do not have a deck, choose the discarded cards from your hand. If you have neither a deck nor hand, you can send cards from the field to the Discard Pool.

Battle Stage 3: The same thing happens in the South Quadrant. After all cards have been discarded, the victorious monsters are left in their North or South Quadrant. Effects that read "At the end of the round:" activate. Each player picks up their Cost Pool and puts it at the bottom of their decks. They draw six cards, regardless of what is in their hands, and begin again until one player has every card in his Discard Pool and the other player has won.

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